Founded in 2001, Magna quickly emerged as a leading innovator in the field of Homeland Security surveillance solutions, and today occupies a respected place at the forefront of the industry.

Committed to Excellence

From the very beginning, we have been driven by an unwavering commitment to excellence, and have always made a point of challenging the status quo. Over the years we have developed more than ten adaptable and customizable passive electro-optic radar security systems that now protect some of the world’s most sensitive governmental and industrial facilities, including international borders, nuclear reactors, gas and oil facilities (both on land and at sea), seaports, airports and more.

Global terrorism is on constant rise, and a lapse in security can lead to catastrophic damage. We take pride in the knowledge that our solutions deliver a 99.9-percent detection rate in every climate and terrain, along with an industry-leading average of only one false alarm per day. Obviously, this degree of precision reduces unnecessary deployments of security resources, and allows for pinpointed, real-time response to actual threats.


Superior Solutions

Inexpensive to implement and operate, our solutions utilize a sophisticated, two-camera, stereo vision system that employs thermal imaging technology to detect, track, and monitor a wide range of targets in a predefined field of view, offering precise, real-time data regarding  their location, distance, size, velocity, elevation, and azimuth, in order to determine the level and type of the threat they pose.

The data from the sensors is fed continuously to the control unit – the “brain” of the system -where it is analyzed using a unique, proprietary algorithm that can distinguish between human and animal movement or the motion of vegetation swaying in the wind.  And it continuously improves using a self-learning process based on trial and error.


At Magna, we understand that nothing less than perfectly reliable security solutions will do. Our goal is to continue to deliver world-class, tailor-made security solutions with unmatched reliability and accuracy.



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