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Surrounded by hostile and often aggressive nations and terrorist entities, and acutely attuned to the potential threats a lapse in border security can lead to, Israel requires the most advanced and effective intruder detection solutions available in the world today. The Israeli military turned to Magna implement solutions to safeguard sections of the nation’s northern and southern borders as well as areas of the Green Line.


The Challenge

In order to thwart intrusions and terror and to provide maximum safety both for border security personnel and civilians, the military required a solution in which early and reliable detection of any impending threat was paramount.

Traditional smart fencing equipped with sensors could only alert officials once an attempted intrusion was already underway and danger was imminent. Such systems are also readily compromised by factors like inclement weather or high winds that could trigger false alarms, generating unnecessary responses and potentially putting responders in harm’s way. In the same way, intrusion-tracking dirt roads, and radio-wave-based detection systems are unable to distinguish between a true threat and, for example, animal motion, again resulting in costly false alarms.

Israel’s borders required accuracy, reliability, and early detection to meet the security challenge.


Phase 1: Site Survey

Magna first conducted a comprehensive review of the sites, along with an examination of existing detection systems, known weaknesses, and potential enhancements.

These exercises led us to devise a plan that would optimize border intrusion detection not only in regard to early detection of terrorist or military threats, but also to secure the borders against penetration by people engaged in criminal enterprises such as smuggling, narcotics trafficking, and illegal immigration, as well as attempts to throw objects from contraband to explosive devices over the fences, and to provide a decisive response to the emerging reality of drones.


Phase 2: Solution Implementation

In Phase 2, we devised and implemented a total detection system that addressed the entire spectrum of threats to be found at Israel’s sensitive borders.

Utilizing Magna’s sophisticated detection technology that integrates high resolution three-dimensional imaging and advanced, proprietary software that enables intelligent video analysis, we installed state-of-the-art solutions tailored to the specific needs and circumstances of each of the border regions.

The Magna solution we employed incorporates multiple cameras that can reach up to 1,000 meters into the territory adjoining the border to provide optimal early detection, with 99.9-percent accuracy and reliability, and an extremely low incidence of false alarms – averaging only 1-2 a day.

It provides peak performance in any weather conditions and both day and night, and affords security personnel the essential ability to not only identify the point at which a fence is penetrated but also real-time tracking of the intruder, analyzing speed and direction to pinpoint his exact location at every moment.

In addition to human intruders, it can detect, identify, and track both Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as drones and objects thrown over a fence, and–through its high definition optics and unique self-learning software–can distinguish between human and animal movements, and even the motion of vegetation in the wind, to further differentiate actual threats from benign motions.

In the end, the Magna solutions provided the military with world-class detection capabilities, which were cost-effective to install and operate.

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