The Situation Today

Seaports and other maritime facilities such as oil rigs and military installations are uniquely attractive targets for terrorists and smugglers alike, and protecting them poses unique challenges for security personnel, both in waterfront locations and far out at sea.


The Challenge

Conventional security systems such as walls and fences are not an option in the water, and neither are radar-based detection systems, which are ineffective in identifying penetration attempts by swimmers or small, fast moving boats. The speed and maneuverability of encroaching watercraft presents a challenge, particularly during storms and high tidal activity, when wave motion can serve as a screen for attackers. Adequate security requires real-time detection and analysis that enable a timely response. Maritime facilities are also vulnerable to threats from adjacent land areas and from the air by way of UAVs, and many lack the necessary protection.


The Magna Solution: Superior Capabilities at Minimum Cost

The Magna System incorporates cutting-edge technology that combines sophisticated 3D imagery and unique, self-learning, proprietary software to detect penetration attempts in real time.


The Magna System:

  • Utilizes sophisticated cameras that offer unmatched detection in real time.
  • Self-learning software recognizes and factors in water motion patterns, sea depth, and where waves break in order to distinguish between threats and natural movements.
  • Provides exceptional clarity of coverage over large areas (up to 1,000 meters per section) to achieve maximum security.
  • Guarantees a 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms (1-2 per day, on average), resulting in the prevention of unnecessary responses.
  • Pinpoints the precise location of an intruder – or multiple intruders – in real time, and not merely the point of entry.
  • Operates reliably in any weather conditions, both day and night.


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