Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection – Your First Line of Defense

Magna’s state-of-the-art perimeter protection solutions are grounded in the understanding that perimeter intrusion detection is the essential first line of defense for any sensitive civilian or military facility – and, often, one of the greatest challenges in securing a site.

Traditional perimeter protections such as physical fencing are not always practicable, and are often limited in their capacity to provide real-time detection and tracking of intruders, not to mention the early detection of intruders – far before they even reach the perimeter . Differing terrain and environments, perimeter distances that may extend for miles, and the unique nature of each facility, all call for advanced solutions that are shaped and scaled to specific needs  and vulnerabilities.

The Magna Perimeter Detection Solution delivers world-class perimeter protections that are adaptable to any facility in any location, with unmatched accuracy.


Comprehensive Perimeter Protection

Magna utilizes sophisticated electro-optic cameras positioned to cover every square inch of the area being protected from a penetration attempt. The continuous feed of data from the sensors to the control unit reveals even the most minor movement, while distinguishing between true threats and potential false alarms caused by animals, weather, or other environmental factors.

In this way, security officials have continuous, real-time data that enables them to not only detect an intruder, but to track their location at every moment, allowing for a precise response and minimizing risk.  At the control unit – the self-learning “brain” of the system that continuously improves based on the cumulative information collected–the data is analyzed using the unique, proprietary algorithm that sets the industry standard.


  • Utilizes sophisticated cameras that offer unmatched detection in real time.
  • Incorporates intelligent video surveillance and analytics to verify alerts, and to pinpoint the precise location of an intruder – or multiple intruders – in real time, identifying their direction and speed.
  • Provides early detection, alerting security officials far before the intruder reaches the perimeter.
  • Guarantees a 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms (1-2 per day, on average), resulting in the prevention of unnecessary deployment of security personnel.
  • Provides exceptional clarity of coverage over large areas (up to 1,000 meters per section) to achieve maximum security.
  • Operates day and night and in any weather conditions.
  • Is inexpensive to implement and operate.


Custom Solutions for Every Situation

Across any terrain, in any climate, and for any facility – from airports to seaports to military installations to sensitive civilian sites and more – Magna’s perimeter protection solutions are customized and optimized for the specific needs of each client. They can enhance existing protections such as smart fencing, or they can provide effective intruder detection in difficult to protect environments such as sites located alongside bodies of water. Magna’s sophisticated and adaptable solutions can be tailored to secure even the most challenging perimeters.


Unmatched Accuracy and Reliability

The Magna perimeter solution sets the standard for accuracy, with an industry-low incidence of false alarms – on average 1-2 a day. The technology easily distinguishes between human and animal movement or even the motion of vegetation swaying in the wind, and it grows more sensitive and accurate over time, due to its self-learning software that continuously adjusts to the unique characteristics of each environment.

This high degree of precision reduces unnecessary deployments of security resources, allows for pinpointed, real-time response to actual threats, and ensures a high probability of detection at all times, when intruders attempt to breach the perimeter.

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