Nuclear Reactors

The Situation Today

Nuclear facilities are an obvious and uniquely dangerous target for terrorist attacks or hostile operations, and as such they require the highest level of security available. Both the primary impact of an attack in disabling power production and the potentially far more devastating loss of life resulting from a radiation release demand that these facilities maintain hermetical perimeter security at all times.


The Challenge

In order to provide the necessary levels of security, nuclear reactors must be safeguarded against the full spectrum of potential attacks, including detection of threats arriving over land, from airborne vessels such as gliders and other UAVs, and, in many cases, through bodies of water. Conventional radar-based and optical systems can address some of these needs, but they lack the capacity to provide comprehensive perimeter security solutions.


The Magna Solution: Superior Capabilities at Minimum Cost

The Magna System has the unique ability to provide unmatched detection of potential threats from land or air or even through notoriously hard to secure bodies of water, by which nuclear plants are frequently located in order to provide cooling.


The Magna System:

  • Utilizes sophisticated cameras that cover segments of up to 1,000 meters and offer unmatched detection in real time, while monitoring is done from a single control room.
  • Guarantees a 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms (1-2 per day, on average).
  • Provides real-time, 3D images that pinpoints the current location of one or more targets, and determines the direction and speed of their movement, enabling security officials to decide if deploying manpower is necessary and, if so, to arrive at the proper place.
  • Has the technological sophistication and precision to identify and monitor even small targets that make their way via the water, despite the presence of waves, currents, or storms that can defeat traditional systems.


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