Nuclear Reactor (Asia)

About the Customer

For obvious reasons, we cannot identify beyond saying that the customer was a nuclear reactor located in Asia. This customer was in need of comprehensive intruder detection solutions to achieve and maintain the maximum possible level of security for the highly sensitive and potentially vulnerable site.


The Challenge

Conventional detection systems are inadequate to safeguard nuclear reactors for a wide range of reasons, chief among them the need to situate the facilities alongside significant bodies of water to provide cooling. That leaves facilities highly vulnerable.

Systems such as barriers, sensors or other electronic solutions, and Radar-based systems are all ineffective or altogether unusable in the water, where the action of waves and currents can trigger frequent false alarms and fail to detect actual intruders. The high level of noise found at the juncture of the land and water alongside a reactor has the same effect.

Faced with such complicating factors coupled with the necessity of fully securing the facility against the potential of a catastrophic attack, the client approached Magna for a best practices solution.


Phase 1: Site Survey

Phase 1 was focused on conducting a detailed survey of both the site and the unique characteristics of the facility. This process included identifying vulnerabilities from land and sea, and assessing the efficacy of the various solutions available. To do so, we took into account environmental factors such as tides, currents, and water depth in the sea, and the contours of the surrounding land areas, as well as climate and weather considerations that can impact detection systems.

We then formulated and refined a plan that integrates the most advanced detection solutions in the world today to arrive at an approach that virtually eliminates false alarms and miscues and focuses on identifying bona fide intrusion attempts.


Phase 2: Solution Implementation

Over the course of Phase 2, we installed and operationalized a 360-degree detection system that utilizes the Magna’s cutting-edge solutions to provide optimum protection from threats coming from land and sea, as well as possible breaches from the air by low flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) such as drones or gliders.

The multi-sensor Magna solution utilizes sophisticated 3-D cameras that cover segments of up to 1,000 meters and offer unmatched detection in real time, along with continuous monitoring from a single control room powered by unique self-learning software and advanced intelligent video analysis.

We designed and installed a cost-effective solution that can pinpoint the precise current location of a single target or multiple ones, while reducing false alarms to an industry-low of only one or two per day and achieving an unmatched detection rate of 99.9-percent of true threats.

The Magna solution has the precision to detect and monitor even small targets–the head of a swimmer or diver, for example, or an airborne drone or an intruder approaching over the land–and functions perfectly day and night and regardless of storms, winds, and waves or currents.

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