Maritime Security

Maritime Security – Overcoming Unique Challenges

Protecting maritime facilities from intruders poses unique detection challenges. Ports, waterfront industrial plants, and offshore sites such as oil rigs face can all be attractive targets for everything from terrorism to theft, vandalism,  or piracy, and each may be vulnerable to intrusions from watercraft, swimmers or divers, or by land or air.

Many traditional detection solutions are rendered ineffective in maritime environments, where fencing is not viable and ever-changing water currents and weather factors limit the effectiveness of tools such as radar-based systems and standard surveillance systems.


Comprehensive Maritime Security

The Magna maritime solution meets the countless challenges by achieving full detection in any conditions. Magna’s intelligent video analytics solution incorporates thermal cameras to create three-dimensional vision with advanced self-learning software to provide unparalleled intruder detection in even the most challenging environments.

Magna’s proprietary algorithm enables the system to continuously learn and adjust to water currents and weather patterns in each specific site and to distinguish reliably between people, boats, and animals in order to minimize costly false alarms and ensure the greatest probability of intruder detection.


  • Utilizes sophisticated cameras that offer unmatched detection in real time.
  • Incorporates intelligent video surveillance and analytics to verify alerts, and to pinpoint the precise location of an intruder – or multiple intruders – in real time, identifying their direction and speed.
  • Provides early detection, alerting security officials that swimmers, land intruders or an Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) are approaching far before they reach the protected area.
  • Self-learning software recognizes and factors in water motion patterns, sea depth, and where waves break in order to distinguish between threats and natural movements.
  • Guarantees a 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms (1-2 per day, on average), resulting in the prevention of unnecessary and often costly responses.
  • Provides exceptional clarity of coverage over large areas (up to 1,000 meters per section) to achieve maximum security.
  • Operates day and night and in any weather conditions.
  • Is inexpensive to implement and operate.


Tailored Solutions for Every Site

As a layered and fully customizable solution, Magna’s comprehensive maritime solutions can be tailored to provide any site with optimal security. It integrates easily with other systems to augment existing solutions, and meets or exceeds the most exacting maritime security standards, including the International Ship and Port facility Security code (ISPS).


Setting the Standard for Accuracy

The Magna Detection Solution has an industry-leading record for accuracy, with the fewest false alarms, an average of only 1-2 per day. This degree of accuracy saves on the unnecessary expense and risk incurred when security personnel have to respond to  false alarms, and results in optimum intruder detection.

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