Drone Detection

The Drone Threat – An Innovative Response

The emergence and ready availability of drones in recent years introduces new challenges in intruder detection and security for sensitive facilities of all types. While these typically small unmanned aerial vehicles have many beneficial  mainstream uses, they also pose significant threats that require urgent and innovative responses.

Espionage, smuggling, privacy violations, and acts of terrorism can all be carried out by means of these rapidly proliferating drones, and the potential targets range from critical infrastructure to public and governmental institutions, military installations, large civilian gatherings, and more.

Because drones can be used for destructive purposes, and to great effect, Magna has recognized the need to devise new solutions to effectively detect, identify, track, and neutralize these unmanned intruders.


Comprehensive Drone Detection and Protection

Magna has taken a leadership role in responding to the threats inherent in drone technology, through a comprehensive research and development initiative that answers the need for a fast and efficient response to security breaches. Magna’s drone detection solution is based on multi-parameter modules incorporating sound, 3D images and HD video, thermal signature, and motion which achieves an ambitious 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms.


  • Utilizes sophisticated cameras that offer unmatched detection of even multiple targets flying at low speed and low altitude, in real time.
  • Provides early detection, alerting security officials that a drone is within a range of 500 meters up to one kilometer and at an altitude up to 200 meters.
  • Incorporates intelligent video surveillance and analytics to verify alerts, and to provide real-time data about location, including altitude, speed, direction, and type of drone.
  • Guarantees a 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms (1-2 per day, on average), resulting in the prevention of unnecessary and costly responses.
  • Provides exceptional clarity of coverage over large areas (up to 1,000 meters per section) to achieve maximum security.


  • Differentiates between target-drones and benign objects.
  • Alerts personnel using an array of functions, including sound, email, SMS, mobile apps, TCP/IP, and Pushover.net.
  • Shows images of and mapping targets to inform decisions on appropriate responses.
  • Has the capabilities to disrupt, take over, or destroy the target drone(s).
  • Operates day and night and in any weather conditions.
  • Is inexpensive to operate and maintain.


Beyond Detection

In the real world, of course, drones and birds can occupy the same airspace, making detection only one of the functions necessary for successful surveillance and timely response. In order to avoid the costly false alarms that can plague some detection systems, the ability to differentiate between drones and birds is essential as well.

The advanced electro-optical detection system coupled with our proprietary smart software overcomes that problem, giving security personnel the precise detail they need to classify approaching airborne objects promptly and accurately.


Tailored Solutions for Every Site

Magna specializes in providing each client with  the carefully crafted solutions that best fit their own unique requirements and circumstances, while delivering the most advanced anti-drone solutions on the market today. Our tailored solutions  integrate easily with existing perimeter intruder detection systems and can be scaled to provide optimal security and protection for every site.


Setting the Standard for Accuracy

The Magna Detection Solution has an industry-leading record for accuracy, with the fewest false alarms, an average of only 1-2 per day. This degree of accuracy saves on the unnecessary expense and risk incurred when security personnel have to respond to  false alarms, and results in optimum intruder detection.

Magna’s multi-sensor system design enables it to operate effectively and efficiently  in the face of the widely varied size, speed, and shape of drones, and the different environments in which they operate, while achieving exceptional accuracy and reliability.

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