Critical Infrastructures

The Situation Today

Both governments and private operators have recognized in recent years the need to achieve heightened levels of perimeter security in order to safeguard critical infrastructures such as oil refineries, LNG plants, utilities, solar power generators, water systems, and chemical factories, which are critical to national security, economic security, public health and safety, or other vital functions of modern society.


The Challenge

While critical infrastructures have historically maintained conventional perimeter security systems, the demands created by both increasingly advanced technology and the proliferation of acts of terror in present times require new state-of-the-art detection and monitoring solutions. Industry standards and, in some instances, government mandates have led operators across critical industrial sectors to seek exceptional security systems.


The Magna Solution: Superior Capabilities at Minimum Cost

The Magna Perimeter Security System delivers unsurpassed accuracy, flexibility, and efficiency. It enables security officials to distinguish between true penetration threats and common actions such as animal movements or foliage moving in the wind, thereby reducing costly false alarms.


The Magna System:

  • Utilizes advanced cameras that feed a unique control module supported by proprietary, self-learning software that analyzes every motion in real time.
  • Guarantees a 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms (1-2 per day, on average).
  • Pinpoints the precise location of an intruder at all times, in real time, providing personnel maximum effectiveness during their response, while minimizing their risk.
  • Detects gliders and other remotely controlled UAVs that conventional radar-based systems cannot detect.
  • Covers segments of up to 1,000 meters, with monitoring done from a single control room.
  • Operates perfectly both day and night and in even the most severe weather conditions.


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