The Situation Today

Very few nations today are exempt from terrorism threats, attacks by hostile neighboring states, acts of smuggling or illegal immigration attempts originating from their air, sea and land borders. These security challenges are a clear and present danger for countries that have been dealing with such occurrences for many years as well as those that may find themselves suddenly facing new vulnerabilities.


The Challenge

To act swiftly and ensure optimal security at all times, security forces require comprehensive information about potential border breaches – in real time. Conventional security systems, however, can lack the technological refinements that enable security personnel to accurately assess a situation and respond accordingly. Smart fences, intrusion-tracking dirt roads, and radio-wave-based detection systems are unable to distinguish between a true threat and, for example, animal motion, resulting in false alarms.


The Magna Solution: The Complete Picture in Real Time

The Magna System is a cost-effective solution that provides unmatched 3D detail, revealing what is happening – on land, in the air or at sea – in every square inch of the covered area, day and night, and in any weather.


The Magna System:

  • Utilizes sophisticated cameras that monitor segments of up to 1,000 meters of the border from a single control room.
  • Distinguishes between innocent activity and actual threats, thereby eliminating costly and unnecessary responses.
  • Guarantees a 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms (1-2 per day, on average)
  • Unique self-learning software recognizes and factors in water motion patterns, sea depth, and where waves break in order to distinguish between threats and natural movements.
  • Detects objects thrown over fences and UAVs such as gliders and drones.
  • Analyzes the direction and speed of the target, enabling security officials to determine if a response is required and, if so, to arrive at the proper place.
  • Has the ability to track a number of targets simultaneously.


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