Perimeter Protection

Perimeter Protection – Your First Line of Defense

Magna’s state-of-the-art perimeter protection solutions are grounded in the understanding that perimeter intrusion detection is the essential first line of defense for any sensitive civilian or military facility – and, often, one of the greatest challenges in securing a site.
Traditional perimeter protections such as physical fencing are not always practicable, and are often limited in their capacity to provide real-time detection and tracking of intruders, not to mention the early detection of intruders – far before they even reach the perimeter.

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Drone Detection

The Drone Threat – An Innovative Response

The emergence and ready availability of drones in recent years introduces new challenges in intruder detection and security for sensitive facilities of all types. While these typically small unmanned aerial vehicles have many beneficial mainstream uses, they also pose significant threats that require urgent and innovative responses.
Espionage, smuggling, privacy violations, and acts of terrorism can all be carried out by means of these rapidly proliferating drones, and the potential targets range from critical infrastructure to public and governmental institutions, military installations, large civilian gatherings, and more.

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Maritime Security

Maritime Security – Overcoming Unique Challenges

Protecting maritime facilities from intruders poses unique detection challenges. Ports, waterfront industrial plants, and offshore sites such as oil rigs face can all be attractive targets for everything from terrorism to theft, vandalism, or piracy, and each may be vulnerable to intrusions from watercraft, swimmers or divers, or by land or air.
Many traditional detection solutions are rendered ineffective in maritime environments, where fencing is not viable and ever-changing water currents and weather factors limit the effectiveness of tools such as radar-based systems and standard surveillance systems.

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