The Situation Today

The perimeter security of airports, whether civilian or military, is of paramount importance in this day and age when they represent highly attractive targets for terrorism, smuggling (into or out of the airport), and, at times, attacks by hostile forces, whether by way of ground or air (including UAVs and missiles). In order to effectively monitor threats in real time, airports today require cutting-edge detection and monitoring solutions.


The Challenge

The very nature of airports creates a unique set of challenges for security officials. Vast land areas, heavy air, vehicle, and foot traffic within the perimeter, and complications from factors such as inclement weather, potentially confusing light sources, and aviation-related air currents can all work to undermine the protections afforded by conventional perimeter security systems. These problems are further compounded by the aggressive expansion of many airports today as air traffic increases, causing an increase in usage of remote areas and consequently new security challenges.


The Magna Solution: Superior Capabilities at Minimum Cost

The Magna System offers the advantages of unparalleled accuracy and reliability, as well as cost-efficiency. It allows  for continuous real-time, 3D monitoring of  segments of up to 1,000 meters from a single control room, utilizing state-of-the-art optical equipment and unique self-learning software that maximizes accuracy while minimizing false alarms.


The Magna System:

  • Utilizes sophisticated cameras that offer unmatched detection in real time, with the ability to monitor multiple segments of the airport from a single control room.
  • Guarantees a 99.9% detection rate and minimum false alarms (1-2 per day, on average).
  • Analyzes the direction and speed of the target, enabling airport security officials to determine if a response is required and, if so, to arrive at the proper place.
  • Detects gliders and other remotely controlled UAVs that conventional radar-based systems cannot.
  • Operates reliably in any weather conditions, both day and night.


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