In a world in which essential civilian and military operations alike have become frequent targets for terror, nothing less than state of the art perimeter security will do.

Magna’s Perimeter Security System is a highly effective, world-class solution for securing the most sensitive facilities. The Magna system features advanced technology that guarantees 99.9-percent detection and an industry-low incidence of false alarms, an unheard of average of only one per day. Since its founding in 2001, Magna has emerged as an industry leader in providing an advanced response to perimeter security needs in critical sites such as airports, seaports, gas and oil facilities (both on land and at sea), national borders and nuclear facilities, among others.

The ideal solution for perimeter security:

  • Highly cost-effective, offering superior capabilities at minimum cost.
  • Adaptable to any facility without absolutely no compromise on quality.
  • Operates perfectly, day and night and in any weather conditions.
  • Provides unmatched efficiency, with 99.9-percent discovery and fewer false alarms than any competing system.
  • Inexpensive to operate and maintain.

Reveals every movement, and keeps getting better

Magna utilizes sophisticated electro-optic cameras positioned to cover every square inch of the area being protected from a penetration attempt, and a continuous feed of data from the sensors to the control unit, revealing even the most minor movement.

At the control unit – the “brain” of the system – the data collected is analyzed using the unique, proprietary algorithm that is so advanced it can distinguish between human and animal movement or even the motion of vegetation swaying in the wind. And being an adaptive system, it continuously improves using a self-learning process based on trial and error.


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